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Posted by Spectrum Veterinary Staff on Jan 6, 2020


Spectrum Veterinary – A Year in Review

Spectrum Veterinary’s vision for 2019 included expanding our sales leadership team across the United States, launching a new Group Purchasing Organization partnership and closing out the year with the acquisition of another allergy diagnostic laboratory. It was an exciting year for us and we are excited to announce that we accomplished all our 2019 company objectives. 

We also tested 31,086 patients in 67 different countries in 2019. That is all made possible because of clinics like you who are committed to treating the source of allergy not just the symptoms. Kudos to you!

Our vision for 2020 – A year of Achievement

Our vision for 2020 includes 4 ambitious goals.

1.) Finalizing our on-boarding of all of ACTT’s clients, which will complete our acquisition of their allergy testing and treatment laboratory. The ability to provide ACTT’s clients with industry-leading service is very important to Spectrum. Our customer service team has been working hard to answer all of our newest client’s questions and concerns regarding their transition over to us.

2.) Launching a state-of-the-art testing technology in our diagnostic laboratory. This addition to our testing process will improve overall test results, specifically reliability and test accuracy. While this technology has been utilized in Europe for the last 18 months by our sister company, no US-based veterinary laboratory has invested in this technology. We are putting the finishing touches in our laboratory and will be ready to begin using this technology in the first quarter of 2020.

3.) Improving our food results by giving our clients access to an interactive food list, via a strategic partnership. Our new interactive web-based solution for food results will allow the pet parent to have an updated food list in the palm of their hand EVERY time they access the site, and will also eliminate the need for our veterinary partners to request ongoing static food lists. The list is also able to be filtered by brand or prescription or over-the-counter diets and also presents treat options to help the pet parent maintain compliance. This technology is exclusive to Spectrum Veterinary and is going to revolutionize the pet food testing and compliance piece of our offering.

4.) Re-launching our client access portal. This initiative is being built with the veterinary clinic’s staff in mind, and will allow clinics to have more visibility into their laboratory usage, as well as the ability to order testing and treatment online. It will also continue to be improved upon through veterinary staff feedback.

Spectrum Veterinary is thankful for a great 2019 and is looking forward to an exciting 2020. We hope that you will continue to participate in our fight against allergy.

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