CCDs & Their Role in Allergy Diagnostics

Posted by Spectrum Veterinary Staff on Aug 28, 2020

What are CCDs?

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Managing Allergies In The Wake of COVID-19

Posted by Spectrum Veterinary Staff on May 5, 2020

COVID-19: The Impact

Health officials across the U.S. and all over the world are working hard to combat COVID-19. For veterinarians, this work includes providing care for pets: horses, livestock, laboratory animals, aquatic, exotic, and wild animals – all work that is essential and helps protect both animal and human health. Practices have had to put plans in place to protect their team, minimize exposure for staff and pet parents. They have had to scrounge to find personal protective equipment that even human medical professionals have struggled to find. But recent clinic data has shown some positive indications that leave some cautiously optimistic about the state of the industry.

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Diet's Role in An Effective Allergy Management Strategy

Posted by Spectrum Veterinary Staff on Feb 25, 2020

Once allergy testing has been completed, a diet trial and hyposensitization are 2 other important elements of a proper allergy workup. This article will dig deeper into diet's role as part of an effective allergy management strategy.

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The role of Apoquel, Cytopoint & beef-based reagents in Allergy Testing

Posted by Spectrum Veterinary Staff on Feb 4, 2020


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Hair/Saliva Testing as compared to Intradermal and Serum-based Assays

Posted by Spectrum Veterinary Staff on Sep 25, 2019

When it comes to diagnosing allergies, pet parents (and subsequently veterinarians) are faced with an increasing number of options. Intradermal testing, serum based assays, hair and saliva assay offerings can make it confusing for everyone to figure out which option is right for the patient's unique scenario.  The popularity of hair and saliva assays has also been increased through websites like Groupon and Amazon by advertising directly to pet parents. 

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