What Makes Our Partnership So Great? We Need Your Input

Posted by Spectrum Veterinary Staff on Aug 2, 2019

The veterinary space is growing – and so are we. It’s one of the many reasons we’re constantly seeking to streamline the immunotherapy process. From our staff trainings to our comprehensive treatment diaries, we’re there to support you and your patient mile-by-mile on the road to recovery. Whether your practice has been ordering refills for years or just submitted its first sample, your partnership means everything to us. So it almost goes without saying: We value your opinion.

That’s why we’re reaching out. We need your help. It might only be August, but we’re already looking at what’s next for 2020. And this year’s brainstorming process involves some true introspection – that’s where you come in. To pursue the most strategic initiatives as a company, we need to deepen our understanding of Spectrum’s positioning in the expanding industry. 

For instance, where do you see our team in the grand scheme of allergy testing and treatment providers? What qualities drew you to our services? Your answers will allow us to better gauge what factors make us a great match and we’ll use that information to develop even more strategic tools for clinics (just like your’s).

On a larger scale, your input will shed light on where allergy services reside in the veterinary industry as a whole. This perspective will impact big decisions we make next year and beyond.

All that said, we’re the only ones reading your feedback. Every response is confidential and will be used for internal purposes only. Your answers are critical, in that they’ll help us identify trends in the space and help us move forward deliberately. 

Plus, who wants to miss out on a shot at winning $500? That’s right – submitting our survey also earns you a spot in our raffle for a $500 gift card.

So, can you help us help you? It’ll only take 3 minutes.

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Photo by Fabian Gieske on Unsplash.

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